May 22, 2017


Some of my key goals as a member of City Council will include:

Pursuing responsible economic development opportunities that align with the spirit of our community: As a landlocked community, Upper Arlington must make smart decisions on its economic development opportunities, choosing wisely to generate needed revenues that are essential to our ability to hold down taxes while preserving a high quality of life that has made this city exceptional,

Improving infrastructure and community assets: While our strategic location, excellent schools and outstanding community spirit that for 100 years have made Upper Arlington one the best places to live and raise a family, it’s important that we strike the right balance when meeting the infrastructure needs that are essential for our next 100 years,

Increasing government transparency, communications and citizen involvement: By improving the way our city leaders speak to – and most important listen to – the community about key issues impacting our neighborhoods, we can improve citizen outreach and chart a more effective path for Upper Arlington’s future.

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