May 22, 2017


Increasing government transparency, communication and citizen involvement.

  • Led efforts to ensure all Council meetings are broadcasted online.
  • Promoted meeting agendas to improve citizen engagement.
  • City government does a better job of keeping residents informed about proposals that could affect their neighborhood.
  • Shared highlights of all City Council meetings to keep residents informed.
  • Championed the creation of Upper Arlington’s first-ever Community Relations Committee to help ensure that our city is welcoming and inclusive.
  • Successfully advocated for adding public input on key projects.

Keeping our community on strong financial footing.

  • Championed a performance audit to improve city operations
  • Helped keep city finances strong throughout the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Convened a citizen’s task force to examine city finances
  • Ensured Upper Arlington maintained its AAA bond rating
  • Remained a reliable dissenting vote against unnecessary city expenses and regulations

Pursuing responsible economic development that aligns with the spirit of our community.

  • Successfully worked for a responsible plan to redevelop the Macy’s site with the addition of a new community center – without raising taxes.
  • Advocated for redevelopment standards with extensive community input for eastern Lane Avenue that positively reinvigorates the east entrance to our community.
  • Rejected proposed development at the Golden Bear Center that did not fit Upper Arlington’s needs.
  • Worked with Council and the City Law Director to secure a successful court ruling on the old CompuServe site (Tree of Life), allowing Upper Arlington to strengthen our commercial economic development base.
  • Worked to develop a framework and standards for the future development of Lane Avenue to give developers clarity on what the community wants.

Improving infrastructure and community assets.

  • Supported a successful plan for long-overdue upgrades to our roads.
  • Championed an ongoing effort to develop a comprehensive strategy to improve our parks, including our popular, crowded recreational ballfields.
  • Delivered much-needed improvements to the north end of our community along Henderson Road.
  • Appointed a community task force that ultimately led to voter-approval of a new community center.
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