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Meet Jim

Jim is a supporting member in the Upper Arlington community along with local Organizations.


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It has been my privilege to serve you and our neighbors as a member of City Council. Upper Arlington is an outstanding, vibrant community and my wife, Kim, and I are so happy to be raising our family here

One of Upper Arlington’s hallmarks, and a source of pride for us all, is the way our City Council works in a positive, nonpartisan and collaborative way to keep this community operating smoothly and efficiently for the good of all our residents. I have been honored to have been part of that collaborative effort over the past four years and I look forward to serving you for another term.

When I asked for the voters’ support four years ago, I focused my campaign for Council on four primary goals: improving transparency, keeping the city on solid financial footing, promoting responsible growth and ensuring better infrastructure and services. Each of these goals is based on my commitment to improving the way city government speaks to – and most important, listens to – its residents. Today, I am pleased to report on the success we’ve had as a community toward achieving those goals over the past four years. While I’m proud of this progress and grateful to my City Council colleagues who have worked in a nonpartisan, collaborative spirit to achieve these goals, I know we as a community can do even better. And I’m committed to doing my part to keep Upper Arlington exceptional in every way. I would be honored to have your support on November 2.

Jim Lynch

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